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Allah Himself bears witness that there is no God but He; and likewise do the angels and the men possessed of knowledge, standing firm on justice, there is no God but He, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.
Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth: His light (in the universe) may be likened (to the light of) a lamp in a niche: the lamp is in a glass shade: the glass shade is like a glittering star and lamp is lit with the olive oil of a blessed tree which is neither eastern nor western: its oil is (so fine) as if it were going to shine forth by itself though no fire touched it (as though all the means of increasing) light upon light (were provided); Allah guides to His light whomever He wills. He cites parables to make the Message clear to the people; He has perfect knowledge of everything.
Do you not see how Allah has given the example of a good word (There is not God but Allah)? It is like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and whose branches reach the sky, ever yielding its fruit in every season with the permission of its Lord. Allah gives examples for mankind that they may take heed. And the example of an evil word (polytheism) is that of an evil tree, uprooted from the surface of the earth, wholly unable to endure. Thus, through a firm word, Allah grants firmness to the believers both in this world and in the Hereafter. As for the wrong-doers, Allah lets them go astray. Allah does whatever He wills.
Allah propounds a parable: there is a man whose ownership is shared by several quarrelsome masters, each pulling him to himself; and there is another who is exclusively owned by one man. Can the two be alike? All praise and thanks be to Allah. But most of them are unaware.
To Him alone should all prayer be addressed, for those to whom they do address their prayers beside Him are altogether powerless to respond to them. The example of praying to any other than Allah is that of a man who stretches out his hands to water, asking it to reach his mouth, although water has no power to reach his mouth. The prayers of the unbelievers are a sheer waste.
He sets forth for you a parable from your own lives. Do you have among your slaves some who share with you the sustenance that We have bestowed on you so that you become equals in it, all being alike, and then you would hold them in fear as you fear each other? Thus do We make plain the Signs for those who use reason. But the wrong-doers follow their desires without any knowledge. Who, then, can show the way to him whom Allah lets go astray? Such shall have no helpers.
Allah has favoured some of you with more worldly provisions than others. Then those who are more favoured do not give away their provisions to their slaves lest they become equal sharers in it. Do they, then, deny the favour of Allah?
Allah sets forth a parable: There is one who is a slave and is owned by another and has no power over anything; and there is one whom We have granted good provision Ourselves, of which he spends both secretly and openly. Can they be equal? All praise be to Allah. But most of them do not even know (this simple fact). Allah sets forth another parable: There are two men, one of whom is dumb and has no power over anything; he is a burden to his master, and wheresoever his master directs him, he fails to bring forth any good. Can such a person be the equal of one who enjoins justice and himself follows the Right Way?
The case of those who took others than Allah as their protectors is that of a spider who builds a house; but the frailest of all houses is the spider's house; if they only knew. Surely Allah knows fully what they call upon apart from Him. He is the Most Powerful, the Most Wise. These are the parables that We set forth to make people understand. But only those endowed with knowledge will comprehend them. Allah has created the heavens and the earth in Truth. Certainly there is a Sign in this for those who believe.
Become exclusively devoted to Allah, not associating anyting with Him. Whoever assigns partners to Allah, it is as though he fell down from the sky whereafter either the birds will snatch him away, or the wind will sweep him to a distant place (causing him to be shattered to pieces).
O people, a parable is set forth: pay heed to it. Those whom you call upon besides Allah cannot create even a fly, even if all of them come together to do that. And if the fly were to snatch away anything from them, they would not be able to recover that from it. Powerless is the supplicant; and powerless is he to whom he supplicates. They have not formed a true estimate of Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Powerful, All-Mighty.
Had there been any gods in the heavens and the earth apart from Allah, the order of both the heavens and the earth would have gone to ruins. Glory be to Allah, the Lord of the Throne, Who is far above their false descriptions of Him. None shall question Him about what He does, but they will be questioned.
Never did Allah take unto Himself any son, nor is there any god other than He. (Had there been any other gods) each god would have taken his creatures away with him, and each would have rushed to overpower the other. Glory be to Allah from all that they characterize Him with! He knows both what is visible and what is not visible. Exalted is Allah above all that they associate with Him.
Say: 'What do you think if some chastisement of Allah or the Hour suddenly overtakes you: do you cry to any other than Allah? Answer, if you speak the truth. Lo, it is to Him alone that you cry and then, if He so wills, He removes the distress for which you had cried to Him. At that time you forget the partners you had set up with Allah.
These are the parables that We set forth to make people understand. But only those endowed with knowledge will comprehend them.
"Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. We will call upon no other god beside Him; (for if we did so), we will be uttering a blasphemy. "

Ask them (Muhammad!): "Shall we invoke, apart from Allah, something that can neither benefit nor harm us, and thus be turned back on our heels after Allah has guided us? Like the one whom the evil ones have lured into bewilderment in the earth, even though he has friends who call him to true guidance saying: "Come to us."

Say: "Surely Allah's guidance is the only true guidance, and we have been commanded to submit ourselves to the Lord of the entire universe." and to establish Prayer, and to have fear of Him. It is to Him that all of you shall be gathered.